Distorted information

May 15, 2008

There’s something about my family here that is really irritating at times. One would mention apple on one end, then that information be sent across my family members in a line and at the other end of it you’ll hear orange. Case in hand here now isn’t about apples but rather about that incident with my injured head. I was more worried about my stomach at the time of the incident than my head as the pain in my abdomen felt a WHOLE lot more painful than my opened forehead (not to mention it also affected a wider area than the injury on my forehead). So anyway, I fainted because of the pain; I’ve mentioned that before. Now the problem here is these people around me seem to worry more about my head than my stomach… to the point that when they convey the news between each other about my misfortune, the case about my stomach gets totally omitted. Now 90% of everyone thinks I fainted because of every single reason except abdominal pain… some ASSUMES I didn’t have enough sleep (BS I say), some ASSUMES I didn’t have enough blood (WTF!?), some ASSUMES I spent too much time on the computer (VERY CONVENIENT EXCUSE NOW AIN’T IT EH?), some ASSUMES I didn’t drink enough water (I drink a lot these days afaik, maybe they were expecting me to dry a lake, I dunno), some assumes I had leukaemia, some assumes I had brain cancer, some assumes I had AIDS, etc. Yes, I know, the head is a delicate part of the body. Any injury on it would account for considerable attention but oh please, not to the point of clouding the truth! I HAD enough sleep, there is NO PROBLEM with my blood, I HAD LOTS of water, the computer had nothing to do with it (not like they’ll let go of this juicy opportunity to slander me about my computer usage habits though), and I do NOT have any of those diseases! >__> Well, I might, I dunno, but even if I did they weren’t the reason for my loss of consciousness! I FREAKING FELL UNCONSCIOUS BECAUSE OF THE FREAKING CRAZY AMOUNT OF PAIN I WAS GOING THROUGH. I knew even before I fainted that I probably wouldn’t hold for long seeing how the pain escalated. And there was another point that would further reinforce this fact but I left that out in the last entry so meh.

Gah, screw paragraphing.

Oh, and it’s decided that I and my family would be going back to Ipoh this coming weekend. I’m so gonna get lots of unwanted attention there… ugh…


One comment

  1. Sorry, I kinda skimmed through that wall of text. You were saying something about how you fainted because of too much computer time?

    (…I’m just kidding xD)

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