Broke again

May 23, 2008


Err, bought that today, in the midst of comtemplating whether I should or shouldn’t get it since I am already in a moneyless state and Tama should be coming over with my stuffs soon and stuff.

Here’s the assembled Mulmeltia with Yda (I didn’t entirely follow the default schematics btw):

Here’s the same thing in a different angle with a shakier hand holding the camera:

Hmm, yeah, well, got back from Ipoh on Monday but this is my first entry since I was back. Got pretty lazy to write anything when I got back, but I guess this one was note worthy enough to push me back into the spirits… kinda.

Err, and I guess a certain other blog influenced these centralized paragraphs. Never had an idea how could this ever work lol


One comment

  1. Interesting entry format!

    Also, interesting figurine! It says Konami on it, so is she from some game I don’t know about or something? o.o Mulmeltia… I don’t think I’ve heard of it…

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