Major Cleanup (Part1… maybe)

May 24, 2008

Woke up pretty early today since I have Japanese class at 11am. Oh, I don’t I mentioned about my Japanese class thingies before; I got into Advance 10 from Advance 7 this term. That’s 2 levels I skipped lol. Main reason for that was because the Advance 8 class got canceled by the administration, and because I can. Anyway, the time for this class is 11am-1pm once per week on Saturdays. So yeah, 11am.

After that I spent 197% of the rest of the day cleaning my room and stuff. I’m pretty much done for the day when I’m typing this right now, my back hurts like hell >__> It’s 1:55am already and there are STILL places I haven’t really dealt with. I COULD do it tomorrow, I’m PLANNING to actually, but WOULD I do it is another story, hence the ‘maybe’ in the title.

That’s how things looked like halfway through the cleaning early in the evening earlier. Took apart every single thing hooking my whatevers together. I did finish up on cleaning all those stuff in the end after all I suppose, what’s left are things I knew I wouldn’t have enough time for, so I didn’t move them at all in the first place. That and those gashapons sure are a pain in the ass to clean up D: Got reminded about that the hard way today… had to clean every nook and cranny of wobbly fragile rubber-plastic-fusion-thingy of dust by hand. My fingers hurt… T_T They are still scattered around atop a water tank in the second floor bathroom right now, I’ll pick them up tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Wow, even Shiroki can be a hard worker sometimes eh? ;p

    P.S. – Math isn’t my strong point but I think 197% of your day is actually more like two days. o.O

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