Reitaisai 5 and stuff

May 25, 2008

omfg it’s that time of the year again~! The time where there is suddenly a lot of new Touhou stuffs. Well, not like it’s the only time of the year where new Touhou stuffs come around but whatever! It’s the time for the Touhou specialized convention~! And with it came one of my MOST awaited games for the past whole year or so, the full version of Touhou Hisouten ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Along with it also came the trial version of the 11th official Touhou installment, Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism. The news for the trial came not too long ago so there wasn’t really much wait involved for that one.

Anyway, I’m very much happy with what I see in Touhou Hisouten. My wish came true! MOAR NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER ASIDE FROM AYA!!!

Komachi and Reisen is in it too this time!!! Though the absence of Flandre do again disappoint me a little but it’s awwwright, since I understand Touhou always only include characters that plays a part in the central plot of the installment. It’s not a “Touhou all-star royal rumble”, at least not yet, I do wish there’d be one in the future, I bet every Touhou fan really do actually lol. Anyway, aside from the 3 initially selectable new characters, also present are all the characters that appeared in Suimusou minus Meiling (well, she was a patch bonus. And canon wise she doesn’t leave the Scarlet Mansion compound) but there are empty slots in the character selection screen enough to fit 2 more characters, could be unlockables, one I’m guessing is the new boss character (I heard it’s a new character, not surprising since Suimusou was Suika’s debut appearance after all, it’s possible) and the other… dunno, Meiling again maybe lol? Or some other character perhaps? I don’t even know if there ARE any other unlockable characters nor how many there are if there is any to begin with since I haven’t tried playing story mode yet. Suimusou had 4 unlockable characters, dunno about Hisouten.

As for Chireiden, well, it’s nice I guess. New characters, new stages, new bgms… everything feels fresh, like how every other new canon Touhou felt before lol. The youkai team up thing is pretty interesting. Who you chose to go with in the beginning determines what kind of secondary shots you have and also gives your character some certain special ability of sorts. Say for example: When Reimu teams up with Aya, Reimu will be able to move at a substantially higher speed while not shooting(she looks like she’s practically dashing around rather than ‘moving’). Not too sure about the others yet.

P.S. I guess I never continued on ethe rest of my room clean up lol, so no ‘part 2’ :P


One comment

  1. I never played Touhou so you’ll have to excuse me if most of what you said went over my head. xP It sure is a popular series though, that’s for sure. Also, I think “Subterranean Animism” is a pretty weird name. ^_^;;

    P.S. to your P.S. – Well you did 197% effort yesterday so there was no need to do more. ^^

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