Early surprise attack

May 26, 2008

While having breakfast with my mother outside at 10am earlier today, I received an sms from a classmate of mine saying that the first class this semester will be starting at 12pm. Upon seeing that, I rushed and stuff, you know, the typical reaction and course of action one would take in such a situation.

However, upon arrival there, I found out that class will not be starting until next week. There goes the effort I put into finishing my breakfast faster than I’d like to… but well~ I guess having no classes always beats having classes… for me at least

While I was there, I settled the subject registration stuffs, my fee payment stuffs, got the grades for my internship, and also got my new timetable. There will only be 2 days in a week that I have to go to college, excluding a day or two for the final showcase preparation meetings and whatever; which we will be further informed regarding in the future afaik.

I’ll be resuming my holiday spirits tomorrow, yeah.


One comment

  1. One time I woke up and thought I had overslept so I got ready real fast, but halfway through I realized it was Saturday and I didn’t have school or work that day. xD

    So you only have school on Monday and Wednesday? That sounds good. I remember when I first started college and I only had school two days a week. Then I got a job a couple weeks later, and the rest is history~

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