Hisouten progress

May 28, 2008

Nothing much notable today aside from that. My cousin came by today since it was his day off, and well… nothing else other than that, yeah.

Completed the story mode 3 times today, all using the same character, since the progress for the first two times were not saved somehow, had to replay a couple of times.

Seems like there weren’t only one new original character this time but two! Unlocked them both after one play through, along with lots of new stages and spell cards. I did get a few screencap of them but I’m too lazy to upload them now.

That’s all for today I guess, I’m off to bed.


One comment

  1. You played all the way through three times in one day?! How short of a game is it, anyway? ^^; With most games I wouldn’t be able to manage something like that, but maybe you can beat it in an hour or two?

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