Day of the Pyramid

May 29, 2008

The title may sound like I finally ran into something interesting for once but no. I just went to Sunway Pyramid with my mother today… yeah, that’s all lol.

Woke up at around 12pm today. Went to Pyramid with my mother almost immediately after that. Even had my break fast in Pyramid (at Manhattan Fish Market; had some sort of fish thingy with lots of other kind of sea creatures cooked in all variety of methods).

Got back at 4pm, planned to do the remaining of the room cleaning but gave up on that. I guess I’ll do that after this semester (postpone again lol). Spent most of the remaining time doing nothing, playing GTA, playing hisouten, and nothing.

Another day passed~ 3 days remaining before I return to hell >__>

That aside~~

That’s one of my many favourite Touhou remixes by Alstroemeria Records. Alstroemeria Records is so awesome! >__< Yes, it’s all about my favourites these days~ :p And that AMV, though simple, have this ED kind of feel. Nice stuff~

For tomorrow, I might actually post up a half-assed review about something… but I’ll leave the final decision to the me of tomorrow.


One comment

  1. I wonder why they call it the Manhattan Fish Market? Is it really related to New York in some way or did they just take that name for no particular reason?

    Also, I am always amazed at the number of Touhou remix videos on the Net. @.@

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