Not a review

May 30, 2008

Yes, it means exactly like what it reads, this is not a review. I did mention yesterday that I might make a review today but I’m not going to after all… or at least not for now. Next time, maybe.

As for today, it’s divided into 3 parts basically; 1st: woke up to many rounds of Hisouten, 2nd: spent most of the remaining afternoon till evening with a visiting friend, and 3rd: spent the remainders of the day with more friends till 2am or so.

Nothing incredibly special happened in between any of those.

I wouldn’t say it’s a boring day but… well, nothing extraordinary enough to post. I’ll leave it at that.


One comment

  1. Now I’m curious what sort of review you were planning to do! xD I guess I’ll never know…

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