Last Day

June 1, 2008

Today is officially the last day of my semester break before my final semester begins. From what I have seen thus far, I can somehow guess that this will be the most busy semester I’ll ever have through out this diploma course. It IS the final semester after all.

Anyway, as for my final day of relaxation today, I did not really do much actually. Stayed home the whole day… stayed in my room the whole day. Mostly spent my time watching animes and playing some random games, with Audiosurf being the most time consuming thanks no less to all my favourite songs being ridiculously long. Then nightfall came almost instantaneously. That’s about it.

Since I have nothing else to say, here is what will take up the rest of this post space:

My latest favourite Angela song and its source. That was one of the more dramatic series in a while.


One comment

  1. You only have school two days a week yet you think it’s going to be the busiest semester yet? Wow, those must be some intense courses then! ^^;

    What show is that video from? The name went by too fast for me to read it. :o I can see it’s Xebec with a Gundam SEED-esque animation style, but it didn’t look familiar to me.

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