First of the Last

June 3, 2008

And finally came the day I had to get off my ass and get back to college. Returning to education after a holiday had never been a happy occasion for me… ok not never, but not too often had it not be. It always kind of takes away my freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want and throws me back into the vortex of ‘DO THIS OR DIE’ situations. Only way to avoid those permanently is to be a NEET but that by itself is not good too… ugh.

Anyway, the first day was just like most of the other first days in the past; no real work, just some self introduction and a sneak peak at our impending doom. Seriously, for this semester, we who are in the final semester will have to spend the entire 3 to 4 months working on a single huge project and also work with the final semester students from other creative disciplines to hold a showcase event at the end of the semester to display our portfolios and the project. I’m not a fan of hard work but that just screams it and I don’t want to appear to be uncooperative or something since the showcase is a group work involving all final semester students… oh well.


One comment

  1. Yeah, the first day back is always easy. :p

    Sounds like you’ve got quite a semester ahead of you!

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