Sandwiched break

June 3, 2008

It’s a short holiday today right in between of two schooling days. It wasn’t much of a relaxing holiday thanks to the post-class pressure from yesterday and the pre-class pressure from tomorrow overlapping each other. I suppose I won’t be wrong to assume my Tuesdays will only be similar if not worse from now onwards till the day my semester ends… oh well~

As for what I really did for most of today; nothing much really. It was just like how I spent any other random days from the past few weeks during my semester break. Exception being the feeling of anxiousness regarding the rest of my semester and what I should do about the various things.

Anyway, here’s something nice:

A really nice opening song for an equally intriguing series. Bishounen brawl lawl! :P


One comment

  1. Having SOME break between classes is better than having NO break, after all. :p I think you’ll appreciate having that day later on. ^^b

    About the video, yet another series I’ve never heard of. xP And why are the Japanese so obsessed with vampires? Seriously, there are like dozens of vampire shows. Sometimes I think vampires are more popular in Japan than they are in the West!

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