Minor programming

June 5, 2008

We were supposed to have two classes on Wednesdays; Multimedia programming at 9am to 12pm and advertising principles at 2pm to 5pm. But advertising principles won’t start until next week due to some scheduling error so I got back by 12 today. Unlike what I expected, multimedia programming was really just a class that teaches ActionScript rather than Java or C or something. Re-learnt some basics of AS today as well as some programming terminologies.

As for when I was home, nothing really special happened today. A friend came by, watched stuff, played stuff, day ended. Just like every other random days I guess.


Third Negima series… seems like they will skip the plot all the way past the school festival arc into the latest manga story arc where everybody tries to help Negi look for his missing father over the summer break. Not sure if they will explain all the crucial bits and pieces of information in between though. Well, all is fine as long as there’s Yue and loli Chachamaru~ (*´Д`*)



  1. Don’t you just love it when classes are cancelled? =D

    Third Negima series? I haven’t even seen the second one yet! xP

  2. Second’s the one with the question mark. I didn’t say they were supposed to follow the manga story~ emoo220

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