June 6, 2008

Spent most of today watching anime today. Srsly. I started resuming on Vampire Knight yesterday thanks to playing too much of its opening song (that was released on Tuesday) on Audiosurf the day before and I had a few episodes left for today so I started off the day with that. I then went on with watching all those episodes of Shugo Chara I had piling up, followed by Special A, Toshokan Sensou, Itazura na Kiss, and finally Wagaya no Oinari-sama a few moments ago before I made this post.

Didn’t even played any games… aside from 2 rounds of going on an indiscriminate genocide, getting 5 wanted stars and getting killed in GTA that is.

Hmm, and I have been thinking about selling away most of my anime DVDs to Cash Converters or anyone who might be interested in buying them. Not sure if I will actually do it though but if I do decide on it, I’ll post up a list of things I want to sell so those who frequent my place often and feel like borrowing them (or better still, buy them :3) before I sell them off can do so. For now, this shall just be a notice of a possible future… yeah.

Here’s today’s rectangle:

It’s a PS3 remake of Aquaplus’ epic HSRPG, Tears to Tiara! With epic 7th generation console graphics! And with totally renewed character designs by Nakamura Takeshi and Amazuya Tatsuki! And it is said to have H scenes too but I doubt it! Fanservice, maybe, but definitely not clearly visible, graphic and prolonged scenes of human copulation. As far as I know that wasn’t my first encounter with scenes of tentacles groping girls on a PS game. Though it was suggestive, it didn’t go too far in the end. Anyway, OMG I WANT THIS!!! Reason to get PS3 +1pts


One comment

  1. I’ve never even heard of most of those anime series you’re watching now. I think I’m really out of the anime loop these days. xD;;

    I don’t know anything about Tears to Tiara but the art/graphics in that trailer looked nice. ^^

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