June 9, 2008

Spent 98% of today doing nothing. By right I really should be writing my draft proposal for my final project, it’s due tomorrow! I haven’t even gotten an idea of what I want to do about until around the late evening but even until now the proposal haven’t been written yet. I plan to do it after making this post… but will I really do it? hehehe

The topic I decided to center on for my project is ‘optical illusions’ btw. Could be a collection of famous optical illusions, could be a simple interactive book with simple explanations about the phenomenon or something like that, haven’t really finalize on which to go for.

Here’s the video for the day:

Macross Frontier~ great stuff.


One comment

  1. Optical illusions, huh? That could be interesting. ^^ How did you come up with that idea? Maybe you were staring at the screen too long and… j/k xP

    Macross Frontier, finally a show I’ve actually heard of! I’ve never watched it though. :p

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