Oto no Compass

June 25, 2008


Shimotsuki Haruka’s new album! It was supposed to be released today but somehow it got leaked last night, common occurrence these days.

Most of the stuff in here is great; compiling theme songs she did for several games, ranging from stuff as old as Eternal Story (Atelier Iris 2) to stuff as new as True World (Maou to Odore! 2). There were a couple of tracks that kind of sound out of place from her ethnic style of singing, a little upbeat, but it’s all fine for a change~

If you like her, you’ll like this~ I know I do.



  1. I haven’t heard much of her stuff but you said she did some of the Ar Tonelico songs (right?) and I liked those. ^^

  2. Wow, that’s nice stuff.

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