June 30, 2008

Today we drew a Gantt chart to get a better idea of how we could allocate the various works necessary to complete our final project… and from that chart I realized that I have wasted a good half of all the time I had making no progress.

If one thinks about it, what I am planning to do for my final project aren’t really that hard to pull off. And imo, I think I could even finish it in under a week if I really put all my effort into it and ignore all the formal procedures and paperworks. However, even though I think so, I could also bet somewhere in between I might run into some retarded blocks or problems when I really proceed and work on it.

It always had been like that; I think up of a plan, I find it easily executable by theory in my mind, but the thing gets troublesome all of a sudden when in practical. Anyway, started doing all the necessary writings for the report.

I have the blue print of the entire thing all thought up now… its just the problem of materializing it.


One comment

  1. The thing you said about there always being unexpected problems… you’re not the only one! :p You should definitely leave some extra time if you can.

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