July 1, 2008

It’s sandwiched-holiday Tuesday today~ and I finally went for me long overdue blood test in the morning.

The whole idea of this blood test thing came about not long after I busted my cranium during my previous semester break when one of my aunt went crazy about it.

This aunt of mine (lets call her aunt 4) is a health freak. One interesting trivia: Among everyone in my family, she is THE most health conscious and paranoid one of all but she is also the one who ended up in the hospital the most for health errors.

Anyway, she freaked and feared that I might get a stroke or something from blood clots that may be generated from the impact during when I got the injury. So she asked me why I did not went and get a CT scan ASAP and things like that. For the records, a CT scan is not the cheapest thing in the world to do. It can be reasonable affordable if I were to get one from the government hospital but them government hospitals won’t let anyone just do a CT scan for no good reason unless its an emergency afaik (hey, they are letting people use some machine worth billions at dirt cheap prices. They’d at least make some conditions before letting anyone into that).

Since I’m not noticeably anywhere near a fatal condition and am also not a few gajillion bucks too rich, a CT scan is out of the question… and by then everyone else in the family had already got alarmed by aunt 4’s propaganda about the probability of me or anyone else dying from breathing modern day oxygen. So the only way to calm them down was to get a medical clarification that I am not going to die yet, so… yeah, blood test.

Back to today; I went to this place in SS15 to do the test. Had to fast for the last 12 hours since nutrients from food could effect the result of the test. It ended with both my arms getting wounded by syringes as the first extraction from my right arm resulted in a whole bunch of frozen uselessness. During the extraction from my right arm, my blood somehow partially froze up within the needle on the syringe, preventing a smooth flow of blood into the syringe. However, we didn’t know that was the case and thought my blood flow was just slow, so the lady with the syringe stabbed the needle even deeper into me… which kind of hurt. Had to try again on my left arm soon after that. Later, it was explained that my blood clotted up quickly because my blood cells were very dense from the lack of water. Yeah, well, I didn’t drink any water (I think?) before going there. So~ I got twice the amount out of me that morning, felt quite light-headed after that.

Conclusion: needles are not scary, could be scary depending on who has the needle in hand, health freaks are crazy, government personnels are stingy asses.

This blog post is not to be taken seriously. Details may or may not be entirely true.

One comment

  1. Maybe your aunt is health-conscious BECAUSE she’s dealt with so many health issues herself?

    And what does that last line/disclaimer mean? XD Why would you post a blog entry that’s not true? xD

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