July 2, 2008

The lecturer for our programming class quited his job last week and we haven’t found a replacement yet so our programming class today got canceled~ but the classes after that was still on so meh.

I got my long lost results from my marketing class and presentation skills class from 2 semesters ago today.

The story goes like this: 2 semesters ago, along with all the other core subjects, I also took marketing (a semester 6 subject, we can take it early to lessen our burden when we actually enter semester 6) and research methodology (an elective subject). After that semester when we were supposed to receive our results, everything were written fine, but there was no marketing and presentation skills on it! Everyone else had some problem with one or another of the subjects they took but didn’t appear on their results slip. We were then told that there was some problems with the server or whatever and the thing came up weird… or something. Some time later after that, I went to the lady responsible again and got a new updated version of the results. Marketing was there~ but no research methodology. I got a C for marketing there. Alright, fine with me. Then we started our following semester which was the internship one. I frequented her quite often too while I was working on the fifth floor and all the while she answered me that our coordinator still haven’t did anything about it, so no results… till some days ago when she suddenly told me “It’s out already~ why haven’t you come and ask me for it~?”… wtf

So, I went and got it today… why is there an F next to my marketing?


One comment

  1. >.> I don’t really know what to say about that. I hope you got it resolved somehow. ^^;

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