July 3, 2008

Here is another list of games I’m currently looking forward to.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

It’s an FF all-star galore. I have no idea what it will be about but it looks kind of like a fighting game? There is this lifebar thing on the bottom of the screen… or is it a limit break bar? Either way, the look of the interface suggests 1v1 gameplay.

It’ll be for the PSP and there is no release date for it yet. There are also rumours that it will not be translated into English but I doubt it.

Soul Saber 2

It’s… Soul Saber’s sequel? Actually, the title itself is temporary according to Yamadaya so it may or may not really be a Soul Saber 2. That character there do seem to be Madoka though, that unlockable character in Soul Saber after patching to v1.12. And the gameplay looks similar to Combat Kinryu vs Xentex DX9 instead of being a fighter like the original Soul Saber.

A multiplayer trial is planned to be out during Comiket 74 this August.

And Persona 4 is 6 days away!!! Not like I would see any in stores here immediately after the release date though, I’ll give them a month at least >__>

P.S. too lazy to make those round corner thingies, nites~


One comment

  1. Final Fantasy crossover? It sounds kinda like Kingdom Hearts except without the Disney characters.

    I’ve never heard of Soul Saber before…

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