July 7, 2008

Watched that today with some friends. Reluctant superhero saving the day while leaving a trail of destruction along the way; it’s an interesting approach to the bustling superhero genre.

Things were great and fun most of the time until during the last half when suddenly the movie somehow seem to have jumped from being a comedy to… something else. While the transition introduced a surprising twist at the beginning, it eventually kind of betrayed the original plot of the movie.

It’s a decent movie on an overall though, go watch it for what it’s worth. The switching part might work for you but I find it quite uncalled-for.

That and my orders arrived at Kinokuniya today~ I’ll be planning a trip there within this week to retrieve my stuff. Moneyless days ahead orz

Oh, and I will be on a 2 week mid-term break starting next week.


One comment

  1. I kinda wanted to see Hancock but I don’t have anyone to go with… ;-;

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