July 10, 2008

Went out with some friends to KLCC today. Watched Hellboy II while we were there as well. It was entertaining, not bad. I do find some characters who appeared during the length of the movie to be lacking much purpose in the whole plot however. They appear, the do one or two things, they disappears. Aside from that, it’s a pretty fun show.

I did not know we were going to be watching any movies today, was only planning to get my orders from Kino but that’s fine.

Retrieved my stuffs during the trip to Kinokuniya before we headed back:

Once we got back at our place, I dropped my things at home and then we headed out again for a few rounds of Call of Duty 4 and Kane’s Wrath at FTZ Asia.net till dinner.

…this was one expensive expedition…



  1. You have enough money for that stuff but not for new DVDs? Or do you only get DVDs from a special sale, or what?

  2. Refer to my earlier reply. Besides, I already ordered these long before my DVDs ran out so these had higher priority.

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