Bon Odori 2008

July 12, 2008

Went for the Bon Odori held at the Panasonic Sports Complex today. It was my first time attending Bon Odori although I have been hearing about it for many years now. I’ve heard mixed reactions regarding what to expect from the local Bon Odori, which mostly says how flocks of very confused and curious visitors used to mess it up, but many also affirmed that it’s still good for the overall experience of the festival.

Sure enough, I saw a tad too many confused fashion disasters while I was there.

The performances and stuff on the other hand was great and all although we left not too long after that. There was also many who arrived in their yukata which was quite a sight. Well, nothing surprising there but yeah… yukata!!! You can’t blame me for not being able to see people in yukata everyday and thus not have the urge to react like that… nvm. I heard somewhere that we weren’t suppose to take any pictures nor carry a camera with us into the festival (well, it’s a festival for the dead. Eyeing for a haunted picture?), hence I haven’t any with me; therefore no pictures. But there were still many people around with cameras flashing… talk about ignorance.

Got this fan thing from that place. This is the only relevant picture I have. It’s not even taken from within the festival compound lol


One comment

  1. Wow, they had something like that where you live? They have a Japanese cultural festival here too but I don’t think we have anything like the Bon Odori, and certainly not people in yukatas..

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