Random thoughts

July 13, 2008

I had quite a number of those today, just that I can’t really remember most of them by now. All I remember was that i thought they were very clever and intriguing, yeah.

And I am mostly done with all those things I brought back from Kinokuniya the other day. Tsugumomo and Nekogami Yaoyorozu was pretty good, while Touhou Bougetsushou and Mirai Nikki was great as usual.

Oh, about the random thoughts I had today. I remember it was somewhat related to something like this.



Thinking is a good thing.


One comment

  1. You should try to think of something more practical than turning a car into a space shuttle. If you can think of a good idea and patent it you can make a lot of money! The hard part is coming up with something new…

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