July 14, 2008

The last time I updated the playlist in my media player was probably about a full year ago. Since then, all the newer releases that I listen to I would just throw in some temporary playlist, which changes almost every hour.

I ended up in my former main music folder the other day and thought “wtf, where is my Alstromeria Records?! D:”, which is how it all started. It struck me that I really should be updating my music folder and renaming all those folders to conform with my arrangement methods.

So I spent much of today just renaming folders and moving things out of my xdcc folder/any other random places into my music folder. The folder gained 10GBs instantly. I will update my playlist in the player tomorrow, still have some loose ends to deal with before I can do that.


One comment

  1. I know what you mean, I really need to arrange the stuff in my temp folders too. >.> Music, pics, all kinds of files are piling up in there. It’s taking longer and longer to load the folder each time I check. xD

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