July 15, 2008

Went to college and acted in a trailer thing. It’s for our final showcase that we will be holding at the end of this semester.

It’s my first time in some recorded acting so… err… yeah… got to be thankful that they were using digital video cameras rather than film cameras. It was also one of the more messy production process; no written scripts and every action had to be impromptu. That part kind of got to me since I was given two separate descriptions of how my character was supposed to be… contradicting ones.

Anyway, we eventually got it done after spending the entire day there. The production left quite some casualties at its wake too like for example one of my friend’s neck, that same friend’s car’s front bumper, one of the production crew’s friend’s car’s self-retracting side mirror, and my face (nothing serious, srsly, but still noteworthy).

Tomorrow’s the photo shooting sessions omg.


One comment

  1. I’ve acted in a few school films too. :p They’re pretty fun, just don’t expect to win any Oscars for them. xD

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