July 29, 2008

Did 5 reports in like, 2 days. I didn’t know my BSing skills was this good.

Along the way, I played lots of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and this:


and cake for anyone who can figure out why I named this entry ‘Chamomile’. (There is a reason, and it’s not hidden)



  1. You have PSU Portable? I’m soooo jealous, seriously. >.<!! I’d get it except I don’t want to buy a PSP just for one game (and I probably don’t have time for it anyway).

    P.S. – Sorry, I don’t know why you named it Chamomile. :p

  2. Interesting. PS Portable has a bunch weapons that aren’t in the PC version. I want that double saber from the bunny girl. >.<

  3. @stukasa:
    Chamomile in flower language: Patience; a strength among hardship.
    Gaming among piles of assignment.

    @Fanin: lol, you’re actually still here xD I think that double saber of hers is her exclusive weapon of something like that. I’m not sure…

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