Some dream thing

August 5, 2008

Had a dream last night where I went out and got an Xbox360. It was kind of like a random purchase based on impulse without any planning whatsoever. So I brought it home, placed it on a table, stared at it and thought to myself “…wait, why did I get a 360?”. Soon after that, everyone started worshiping the 360, which by the way was still on the table where I placed it before. I do remember playing something on it but I can’t recall what it was. All I remembered was that the graphics were nice. It RRODed shortly after that before I woke up.

While I do not really have any plans to buy an Xbox360 irl, I do have been contemplating about getting some of the 7th generation consoles soon (yes, some, not singular). By the next decade, I should have a PS3 and a Wii under my roof. For now, I have been thinking about getting a Wii first and foremost, main reason being TALES OF SYMPHONIA 2!!!!! (srsly >__>) …and that I can actually afford the games on it (while I do have played those Nintendo classics on my cousin’s NES, SNES, Gameboy and the likes in the past, I had never owned any of my own before so while I may know the more famous Nintendo line of games, I do not really feel a great deal of attachment to them to have this undying eagerness to play them so… it might need a little getting used to). A PS3 is just a bit out there for me right now. It even needs a HDTV to fully exercise its capabilities so it’s a very big expenditure… not something a non-working student like me could shove out just yet. (Of course, I can still play the PS3 on my bulky 24″ letterbox CRT television set, yes, but that is like flying a jet with car petrol. If I’m going to buy an expensive thing, I might as well expect it to work as it should be)

Though I said all that, as where I stand now it doesn’t seem like I can really buy anything for the matter. Oh well, time will tell.


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  1. Nice picture. xD Wii is definitely cheaper and it’s getting ToS2 but other than that the system doesn’t have (m)any RPGs, which I know you love so much (I do too :p).

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