Another dream thing, and other stuff

August 7, 2008

lol, there must be some meaning behind these chain of desire related dreams I’m having these days. This time, I dreamt about actually going to Japan. I can’t remember for sure what the reason for the trip was but it does seem like another sudden decision and I just happen to be getting to go there for… something. Anyway, again, some of my friends popped up along in there too. For the notes, I don’t often have dreams with characters that actually exists irl except from some family members… in fact, this and the last dream was the only ones I could even recall having any friends appear in. This time, they were seeing me off. And I ran into this other friend in flight who was also heading for Japan for some other reason unrelated to mine. This particular friend, I haven’t really seen at all for the past year or two irl.

Ok, so why did I have this dream? My wish to visit Japan had existed for many years so why get this dream now? Well, I don’t think it has to do solely due to that. Yet again, I think I did not mention this before in here but I will very likely be signing up for a student exchange program in my language institute to Japan around August next year so that might be it. I originally planned it to be this year but my college did not end as early as I expected it to hence that idea went down the gutter. However, this is not the final decision as I have not done any of the paper works involved for it. I might retract the thought if there are any problems that may arise between now till next year. For now, I know not anything aside from that I may actually breathe Japanese oxygen sometime next year.

Oh, onto another story~

Got this while I was at LowYat Plaza today. Was with my sister and cousin nearby the area. RM90 for both… and that was after some haggling… ugh… >__>


One comment

  1. You rarely see people from real life in your dreams? I see people from real life in my dreams a lot. Sometimes I even see people I haven’t really seen for years. Weird, huh?

    I hope your plan to go to Japan next year works out, I know you’ve been wanting to go there for a long time now. ^^

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