Multi closure

August 12, 2008

Quite a number of things ended today.

One of it would be my daily dominance of my home; my mother and sister came back from Ipoh. Wait, I never mentioned about them leaving before did I? Meh whatever, they went back to Ipoh on Saturday last week and I have been the master of the house during the period of their absence, which means I was free to do anything I like, which was nothing, and that’s exactly what I did~ /o/ My father was around too actually but he left for work early and gets back around the evening, so I was the one who had to do most of the chores. Anyway, they got back today and my sense of freedom ended (though I did nothing with that freedom anyway).

I also finished Phantasy Star Portable today technically. I actually finished it at 5am before bed last night but since that’s already in the morning so it’s still technically considered today. Like all the other times I had with other games, the final boss battle caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect the stage I was playing to be the final stage. Thinking that there was still a long way to go, I even just switched my class over to Master Force (its Phantasy Star’s equivalent of second stage mage) briefly before going for the mission so imagine a player character with low str and def facing a final boss, and all the other AI allies never venture far from your side so you HAVE to run right into the final boss and soak up loads of unfiltered damage for them to do anything besides than standing there doing nothing (they do prove to be quite effective meatshields though. But the final boss love beams, which pierces through stuff, so that idea is quite useless in this case) =__= I didn’t really Game Over or anything since my items were pretty well stocked up but still, being ill-equipped and unprepared ensured that it was a loooooooooooooooong and treacherous battle >__> Good thing my character was 20 levels higher than the boss :p And I can’t take screenshots from my PSP anymore from now on thanks to some technical mistake I made D: So… no pictures~

And today, I played some of the extra missions unlocked after clearing Phantasy Star and watched some random stuff, particularly Cloverfield and Kikoushi Enma. Cloverfield, I bet most of you have known about so I won’t have to go into that. As for Kikoushi Enma, well, it’s an OVA from back during 2006. I happen upon its folder hibernating deep in my anime harddrive last night while I was looking for something to burn onto a DVD+R before going to bed and realized I never actually finish watching it. It’s a 4 episode OVA, approximately 40 minutes each. I recall feeling reluctant to watch it in the past because each episode was longer than what I could usually take in a single sitting (I do often watch over 10 20 minute episode in a single sitting so this argument is actually stupid, which I agree. Just another one of my weird tendencies). Same thing has been happening to Mnemosyne too. I still haven’t watch many of the later episodes. Anyway, back to Kikoushi Enma.

Kikoushi Enma is a major remake of the 70s anime/manga Dororon Enma-kun, with major changes: Imagine Doraemon turning into Elfen Lied. Dororon Enma-kun was a comedy horror kind of anime, the kind you won’t mind your kids watching. Kikoushi Enma on the other hand had been changed for the more mature audience (mostly because those kids who watched the original back during the 70s are no longer kids now). In a nutshell, it has horror, extreme violence and random nudity. In a way, it’s kind of similar in atmosphere with Jigoku Shoujo, albeit less dystopic. All in all, I liked this series very much and I recommend it for those who like a good horror now and then, like to see blood, like to see boobs, or just generally like to see horrible things happening to people.


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  1. No, you had not mentioned your mom and sister being away before. :p

    Masterforce is what I’m going to be when they release it on PSU. It’s out in Japan but the US/EU servers are a few months behind. And yes, I know exactly what you mean about the NPCs. xD I do the same thing, run past the boss to get them to attack it. I wish they were a little smarter and actually attacked without you having to guide them so much, but whatever.

    You didn’t even tell us your comments on Cloverfield! I thought it was pretty good. I’m not a big fan of monster movies but this one was a bit “different” than the others, which I think made it more interesting. I heard they might make a sequel that takes place during the same attack but from a different perspective. You know, a different group of people dealing with the same situation. Sounds like a neat idea. :)

    About Kikoushi Enma, well…I don’t like horror/gore much, so that one doesn’t interest me. ^_^;

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