August 13, 2008

Caught news that my internship salary is finally in today and like always, things coming from my college was not complete without problem or trouble. What was supposed to be RM1500 turned into RM400… >_____>

That’s the most ridiculous con I have even came across. I then asked for at least RM600 and now they are considering about adding the extra RM200 but no promises there. Great, just great…

You won’t find me working in my college ever again, not even to save my own life. Now I’m feeling very cheated and my trust for my college is at its lowest yet. I’ll refrain from naming my college from now on since you probably will never hear me praise them hereon forth, though I did used to refer my college by its name in the past so if you are a new visitor and am curious about the name, try looking around in the archives.

I feel like stomping on some kittens, puppies and chicks right now.


One comment

  1. Well that sucks. :x But I don’t get it, how come there was such confusion over the amount? Weren’t you told how much you would be paid, and if so, how can they just change it like that? o.o;

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