W-T-F 2

August 14, 2008

Ok, here is another case I never thought could get bad enough to be worth talking about here: We got a letter last week stating that we have not completed 6 core subjects to be eligible for graduation last week. For the record, I am currently attending my final semester and I have been taking all the subjects on my time table (if not more). So… WTF!!??

Two of them were the notorious failed subjects of mine, from which one was dealt with some time ago while another weren’t able to be done justice. Some of the rest were subjects I was taking the last semester and this semester, and the rest were subjects added during the numerous syllabus changes while I was following the older syllabus.

Problem here is, my intake batch had been following the old syllabus all these while, why freaking throw us all in the new mould right when we were about to freaking leave the old one!? We are even working on our diploma project right now. The diploma project would need us to have completed all our other core subjects before we are deemed competent enough for it so it doesn’t really make sense that we are doing the project if we really haven’t finished off our core subjects. That’s like taking a driving exam and THEN learn to drive.

Till today, some subjects were ticked off since we managed to prove that we did subjects equivalent to them within out old syllabus while me and my batchmates are still fighting for an exemption from the other new syllabus subjects since, well, we are NOT in the new syllabus so why in hell would we be taking the new syllabus subjects?

That was until today.

I just got news from one of my batchmates that the decisions is in and we have to be taking the remaining subjects in the next semester… the semester AFTER our diploma project.

This is just stupid…


One comment

  1. Wow, your school seems to be very disorganized lately (at least from what you’ve told us). ^^; I agree, it’s not fair for them to switch to a new system and then make you change mid-stream. :x

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