I planned to! I really did!

August 15, 2008

…to do my assignments today. I did went as far as asking for reference materials from my classmate but when she said I had to wait till night before she would send it to me, I got into ‘lazy mode’ and spent most of the time between then till night doing nothing.

Well actually, I don’t think I really did nothing. I just can’t recall what I have been spending my afternoon and early evening on. Since it’s something that I could actually forget about a few hours later, it can’t be too important… which is not good since I do have important things to do… like my assignments… Err, anyway, by the time I got the reference material from my classmate a few hours ago, I had already lost all of my will to begin working on it.

Instead, I recalled that I have some homework that I have to hand up by tomorrow’s Japanese class, which I have also not done yet. I did that instead; was just done with it a moment ago. I guess one would usually do things involving stuff they like more easily and quickly compared to things that they don’t.


One comment

  1. Ahh, procrastination! Gotta love it. xD

    Also, lol @ that pic (esp. after seeing it in a certain thread representing certain people :p).

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