Comiket 74

August 16, 2008

It’s Comiket 74 from today till 2 days later~ moar things will be out nao. Among the things I am looking forward the most for this time are Touhou Chireiden, Magical Battle Arena, Tokkyu Tenshi, Touhou Hisouten OST, those new stuff by Lolita Neurosis, by Silver Forest, and also by IOSYS. lol, seems like Soul Saber 2 was renamed to Madoka.C.E after all. I don’t have any reviews for any of them since I don’t have them at hand yet.

We did some revision in my Japanese class today since we will be having our term exam next week. Doesn’t seem like it would be too much trouble… I hope it won’t. Just another Saturday I guess… watched some stuff, played some stuff. Day ended :|

Oh, some extra news:

These aren’t really the latest news in the world but I’ll just mention them anyway. Parasite Eve 3 and Final Fantasy XIII Agito will be out for the PSP in the future. In a way, this is quite a good thing as the original plan for Agito was for the Japanese cellphones, which will guarantee it never getting into the English market so with it now on the PSP, there is a good chance. More like, it definitely will now lol.

Hmm… ok, time for bed, nites.


One comment

  1. I never heard of most of those things you mentioned at the beginning of your entry. xD And I don’t own a PSP so the others don’t interest me either.

    I hope your exam went well. ^^

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