If this goes on…

August 18, 2008

It’s Monday… had to show my project progress in class today. I do have my ideas laid out but not really worked on. I tried to rush on a sample in class to show it though but I failed hard, so instead I just explained it verbally.

Back home, I just watched lots of anime, with not much gaming. I have to do something about this lifestyle soon or I’ll be in for lots of trouble by the end of this semester =__=

Oh and suddenly my family has to go back to Ipoh again this coming weekend. Well, I don’t have to go but since everyone else is, it’s just proper manners for me to follow as well. But I have lots of work left to do >__> I’m thinking about borrowing someone’s laptop and just work on that while I’m in Ipoh :/ I do have someone in mind that might not mind me borrowing her laptop. All I have to do is ask~ yep, thaaat’s all I have to do~

Oh well…


One comment

  1. Maybe you just need to manage your time a little better. Like, force yourself to do at least a bit of work each day, that way it won’t seem like a big deal and you might not be tempted to procrastinate as much. Well, it’s just a thought~

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