Class revival

August 20, 2008

About 4 weeks left to the end of the semester and now the programming class resumes with a new lecturer. Seems like the management plans to throw us into a 2 or 3 week programming crash course before this semester ends. Yay! =__=

And since our art showcase has been postponed into the first week of the next semester, the meeting for it that we have on every afternoon of Wednesdays had also dropped in priority so we won’t be having weekly meetings as frequently starting from next week onwards. We didn’t really do anything much during the meeting today anyway aside from just hanging out in the meeting room, eating delicious cake.

Then the later parts were my advertising class, which I was supposed to show our progress on the final assignment, which I have forgotten about. So instead of showing my actual work, I resorted to explaining my ideas verbally… again. I must say, for some ideas I thought out on the spot they were kind of good, even got praised for it by my lecturer lol. Yay~


One comment

  1. Ideas you thought up on the spot? Didn’t you prepare it at all ahead of time? xD

    P.S. – Mmmm, cake. :D

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