License renewal and game completion

August 21, 2008

Woke up early today to get my driver’s license renewed today. It got expired 2 months ago actually, I forgot about it since I rarely drive lol. Now I got a C level (Competent) drivers license~ farewell to my trial period P license~ /o/

Had to get ready earlier and have my picture taken for the new license since I don’t have any pictures of myself, or I don’t know where they went, haha. Had the photograph shop person did a Polaroid for me since I don’t want to be waiting a whole day for a piece of photo.

That rest of the day was mostly assignments, animes and Magical Battle Arena. Finally completed the entire game that night when I unlocked the third and last unlockable character. It seems that all three of the unlockable characters are potentially cheap in the wrong hands >__> Scratch that, everyone in there are potentially cheap in the wrong hands… -.-;


One comment

  1. You never mention driving anywhere so I wouldn’t even expect you to need a driver’s license, but I suppose it’s useful to have at times. :p

    /me uses Starlight Breaker on Shiroki >;3

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