Half-dead PlayStation 3

September 4, 2008

The dead PS3 I bought from my friend came in today…

Yes, my PS3~ finally~~ …ok, of course I can’t play anything on it. It’s half-dead after all. The lens is busted so I have to send it for repairs before I can really play anything. Besides, the only thing in the box is the console, with no power cable or controllers or whatever… right now, it is as entertaining as a brick~

Have to say that this is just right for my situation, if it was functional I could just consider my finals to be doomed >__>

Oh and on a related note, I finally finished off an assignment from one subject! /o/ 2 more to go~


One comment

  1. Yes, it’s a VERY good thing it wasn’t working during your finals. That would have been like… surrounding yourself with ice cream when you’re on a diet. xD

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