The rest of it

September 5, 2008

came in today…

and then when I tried it out to check how crappy it may look on my crappy old SD TV set, it didn’t even give me a crappy visual, it gave me a blank screen. Tried it with the living room TV and with another cable too with no different results. Conclusion: Two possible causes; a) All the TVs in my house are too prehistoric for PS3. b) In addition to the blu-ray lens, the multi-out output of this PS3 is also dead.

Neither one sounds any better than the other…

Then I tried using the Sixaxis controller as a computer gamepad using that driver thing that has been floating around the web. Have to say, it’s the weirdest key configuration on a gamepad I have ever seen. And somehow it can’t change its key configurations, not even in-game. Not that it troubles me though since I have my trusty ol’ Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2.

Oh, and I finished 99% of my work as of today. That was why I even dared to open the box >.> The last 1% will be done before the next night definitely… … … … … hopefully… >__>;;


One comment

  1. I know how it feels to have technical troubles. It seems (to me, at least) that stuff involving gadgets and technology never goes as smoothly as one would hope. -.-

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