Minus One

September 15, 2008

One of my friend departed for Palmona today. Was supposed to spend the day with all my other friends and him as his final farewell outing or whatever you may call it but due to epic planning and epic luck, things went wrong all over and the outing that was supposed to be for him went on without him… which is wrong.

I also called the shop to ask them about my still yet unheard of PS3… it’s one week already, and I don’t see my PS3. They gave me a “oh, we haven’t got the parts yet. It will be done in a week“. Bolded particularly ticked me off as I just heard the same thing a week ago, and I’m veeeeery familiar with this particular pattern in Malaysian customer service.



  1. Is this the friend who was moving to CA? If so, don’t you mean Pomona, not Palmona? There’s a city called Pomona in L.A. County. I’ve never heard of a city called Palmona, though there is a city called Palmona Park in Florida.

  2. Actually, I’m not too sure… maybe so >.>

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