Little Big Planet

November 5, 2008

got my first PS3 game today. First blu-ray disk in the house w00t.

Together with several friends, I have been going to several places to survey the its price around here for quite a while now. Most of the places that I asked either said they do not know or “RM200++”, clearest answer I got was RM250 and RM230 in the mall next to my college.

I know it shouldn’t be over RM200 so I definitely wouldn’t be buying from those places  ̄ー ̄

And then today, my friend found a place that sells it for RM190 and he asked if I wanted him to buy me a copy as well together with his so then he might be able to bargain with the seller for RM180 since he will be buying two. And he managed to.

The game was quite good and challenging. Got to hate the ISP here, the 58MB update patch took almost 5 hours to download >__> Along with another 3 hours for the new 118MB firmware update that was required to sign in to PSN for net play… don’t ask about the wrongness with the math there…


One comment

  1. Five hours to download the patch? Wow! ^^; It’s too bad we can’t play together, that would be a lot of fun. :)

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