November 18, 2008

I made up my mind about several things regarding my want list.

First thing is I’m going to be getting the mangas before everything else. Second is I decided to get Eternal Sonata (kind of… nothing is going to stop me from changing my mind, I dunno). I’ll be aiming for this after I get my mangas. Third, I’ll leave the Busou Shinkis for later. This one was quite hard to swallow as I fear the ones I want might had ran out of stock by the time I have enough money for them. It has happened to me before way too often >_>

So I sent the mail to Kinokuniya asking them to ship in Puchi Hound vol 4, Lotte no Omocha vol 2 and Omamori Himari vol 4 earlier today. They replied (supprisingly quick reply) saying it should be here in 2 to 4 weeks time but since Lotte no Omocha vol 2 isn’t out until the 27th so I’m guessing it won’t be anything below 4 weeks.



  1. Manga seems like an expensive hobby for you. :p

  2. Yeah, all thanks to the currency value here…

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