Death realization

November 20, 2008

Actually it’s not like I never knew about it, I just refused to accept it… JLPT IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER AND MY KANJI COMPREHENSION IS BLAH! =_____=

So, I finally made the initiative to do all the assignments that I failed to complete in the past and maybe hand all of them up all at once during this week’s class. There are still two classes so there are still time on the week after this when my sensei can point out any mistakes I did. GREAT PLAN! Didn’t go as well as I wanted it to.

Spent 50% of the day on said revisions and work, 40% on random video games and anime, and 10% dealing with my cousin who decided to come and stay over for the night at the best of times (as always).

I was planning to finish at least 4 papers today and theoratically, that is supposed to be very (I just can’t stress that enough… VEEEERY) easy. In the end I only managed to finish 1.

Onto another story, a middle aged guy ran into the main water supply pipe outside my house here earlier today. I was playing on my PS3 in the living room when I heard the loud crash outside so I didn’t really see how or where he came from. I only manage to catch the part where he and his motorcycle somersaulted. Then next to him on the ground in front of my doorstep was the severed pipe head thingy, and behind the wall from my point of view on the right was a fountain going up two storeys high.

I then smiled at the guy on the ground, closed the door, and called the water department of the area to report the matter. Repair workers came about 5 hours after that when it was raining cats and dogs. They sure know how to pick their time to begin work. The motorcycle guy was unscathed as far as I noticed since he managed to pull his motorcycle back up and went off on his own.



  1. Procrastination doesn’t pay off, huh? xD You forgot to take into account that just because something is theoretically easy doesn’t mean you’ll be able to focus on it all day. Boredom and unexpected incidents can get in your way. :p

    P.S. – You didn’t even ask that motorcycle guy if he was all right? ^^;

  2. He got back on his feet quite quickly so I’d imagine he was alright.

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