Higurashi Daybreak Portable

November 27, 2008

It’s released today! This is basically Higurashi Daybreak Kai remade for the PSP. From what I have learnt so far it won’t be too different from Higurashi Daybreak Kai aside from the new character models and HUD. The playable characters, equipable weapons and effects of them are all the same… as far as I understand at least. But then again, Daybreak is one of my favourite doujin games; I’ve had mine in my hard disk ever since the demo version of the original Daybreak two years ago. Now with it being on the PSP, I can beat up a nuts Rena or two on the go whenever I’m too bored! /o/


ok, I take back what I said about it being not too different from Kai… it’s has a lot of new game contents, and also some stats balancing for most of the characters.

Hanyuu and Natsumi is available in story mode now and there are also new unlockable costumes and weapons for each character.

Hanyuu and Natsumi are now available in the story mode and there are also at least one new unlockable costumes and weapons for each characters (like that kindergarten Rena up there).



  1. I never even heard of Higurashi Daybreak Kai so I wouldn’t know the differences either. :p

    Why are they all so young? ^^;

  2. It’s chibification my friend~ chibi!

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