Something I forgot to mention

November 28, 2008

I’ll be going on a trip to Cameron Highlands on the 10th or 17th of December (forgot when lol). It’s a trip for all the core members of the art gallery thing that I did earlier the other time.

Well, I’m not particularly excited about the trip since Cameron Highlands aren’t really that interesting a place anyway in my opinion but I’m going none the less since it’s also a fact that I have nothing else better to do, and it’s free~ (it’ll be using what remains of the budget we had from that previous event thing)

The other members are also pestering me to bring my PS3 along but I warned them about my lack of games (more like, I only have one >_>) so that’s another thing to consider. To be frank, I really don’t feel like bringing my new toy up a mountain but I am also indebted to one of them for helping my assignment group with various things these few days. ugh, what to do… Also, while that person did beg me to bring my PS3 along to the trip and I do feel indebted to him for helping my group, I also feel like I shouldn’t be the only one repaying the deed with my PS3…

agh headache…



  1. By now you’re already back from your trip so I guess anything I say now won’t really matter, but I hope you didn’t bring your PS3. It’s too valuable! XD

  2. yeah, I didn’t :p

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