Kino reply

November 29, 2008

Just got a mail from Kinokuniya stating that my Omamori Himari vol 4 and Puchi Hound vol 4 has arrived. Lotte no Omocha vol 2 aren’t here yet though.

I suppose I’ll wait for all of them to be here first before I go over to pick them up.

Ugh, Mirai Nikki vol 7 and Mirai Nikki: Mosaic was also released since the last time I sent in the orders… I’m so broke… T_T

oh, and I’ve been listening to this song a lot since yesterday:

It’s a very nice song… Found it while searching for Katagiri Rekka in my hard drive lol



  1. What’s that video from? A couple scenes in there make me think it’s from an H-game or something. xD

  2. yes, it’s the opening movie for an old eroge called Nemuru Monotachi he :p

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