Unpleasant surprise

December 1, 2008

Life is sucking me dry... T__T

It seems that the trip to Cameron Highland wasn’t free after all. And this coming just a week before the actual day of departure… =__= Seriously, some people really should inform everyone about the plans frequently and not just leave them in the dark, causing them to think nothing has changed. Though in this case, it’s more of people not explaining things properly.

Now I’ll have to find some way or another to miraculously materialize RM200 from thin air as I can’t be touching what I have now or I’m going to make many people angry for various reasons >__>

Sorry for having many money related entries nowadays… I’m just too full of dreams despite being this poor, sorry.



  1. lol, you thought it was free up until a few days before? xD Did they SAY it was going to be free or was it just your assumption?

  2. They explicitly stated it was covered by our budget on several occasions spread out throughout the past few months before this trip.

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