A Lyrical Pack

December 3, 2008
o boy o boy

This is just awesome...

Yes, expansion pack! Yes, more characters! I’ve always been dreaming about seeing Hayate’s intercontinental spells of mass destruction in this game lol. This will be soo much fun…

Here’s the official demo:

29th December is the date.

EDIT: go here for the download.



  1. Zomg when the time i cant really game on my laptop!! its till next year july b4 i can really enjoy life again… T_T

  2. You serious?! ALLRIGHT!!

  3. hey can you guys tell me where can i obtain/download magical battle arena lyrical pack? i really want to play it

  4. It’s not going to be out till 29th this month. Just 9 more days to go~

  5. Hey Shiroki, I forgot the link to their patch download page, you would be so kind as to post a link to it here?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Here you go Visssss :)

  7. hei bro i visit this forum and i saw u said the mba lyrical pack going o be out tis 29th ….? where can i download it????

  8. Nobody promised they would upload it yet so we can’t be sure where or when it would pop up. Give it a day or two from the release date and try lurking around the place where the original MBA got uploaded 4 months ago, use that as a lead.

  9. hmm…. i see a Lyrical pack available for download…..

  10. That’s a patch for Lyrical pack, not the pack itself. Don’t overwrite it onto your original MBA without the real Lyrical pack installed or you would screw up your MBA installation real good.

  11. yeah i knew that, too bad eh, so, where can I buy the pack?

  12. You can order it from here :) You’re going to need a deputy service though.

  13. hei shirokisan i dont now how to install the lyrical pack …. can u help me???

  14. First you have to unrar the .rar file using an archiver of your choice (get 7zip if you don’t have one), then you have to mount the resulting .iso onto a virtual drive (go google Daemon Tools), and then the installer will autorun and you just have to keep clicking on [次へ(N)] and everything should be fine. Do keep in mind that you must have the first MBA installed on your computer before installing Lyrical Pack or it won’t work.

  15. hei shiroki san u already play the game right? can u tell me how to pass mission no 6?

  16. You just have to land a counter attack using Kirara at least once and you’re through. The counter attack ability for Kirara is executed using the charge button + guard button. It only counters melee attacks from the front by the way so keep that in mind.

  17. Wow this entry has a lot of replies!! XDDD I never did get around to playing this game. I think I uninstalled it after a while because it was taking up too much space on my HDD. ^^;

  18. Can Someone Tell Me How To Install The Lyrical Pack Specifically? Cause I Keep Trying And Am Getting Endless Failures..D=

  19. Are you getting any error messages? What does it say?

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