December batch 1

December 5, 2008

Went to KLCC today to get my mangas that arrived the other day despite that final book have not arrived yet. I guess I’ll just stack it together with another 2 mangas for the second trip later this month.

Here are the stuff I got today:

Mangas and postcards

Mangas and postcards

Things I knew I was going to get: Omamori Himari vol 4, Puchi Hound vol 4

Things I didn’t saw coming: Full Moon Joker, Le.Gardenie Party of Three, Helios Eclipse Quintet.

That is especially so for Helio Eclipse, since they mentioned within the previous volume that the next upcoming volume should be out somewhere during 2009. So it was kind of a surprise to see it on the shelves today. I never knew when the next installation of the Le.Gardenie series would be released though. This one was another surprise. But now that I think about it, the last one was indeed very long ago so I supposed it wouldn’t be too weird that the next volume should be out around now. As for Full Moon Joker, well, it was another impulsive purchase, yeah. >_<

Then I also got some free postcards by the publisher company of Le.Gardenie and Helio Eclipse, probably for buying multiple of their publishes.

Of all, Omamori Himari vol 4 is the most tempting one in the bunch… despite that I have not read vol 3 yet >__> I won’t be reading it yet of course, I hate spoilers.

Oh, speaking of Omamori Himari vol 3; my friend who helped me get hold of a copy of it will be returning this coming Sunday so I should be able to read it within a weeks time, most likely next Tuesday.



  1. Hi! I’m a Malaysian student currently in England.
    Pleaseeee, I need your help!
    Can I have a scanned page of helios eclipse prologue (the first diary entry by Mineko, in malay preferably)? Only if you have the comic though.
    This is very much for my English lit class presentation. I so hope I can promote a little bit of malaysian stuffs at least.

    Thank you very much!!!

    • Sorry for the ultra delayed reply. Kind of left this place unattended for a few years. Hope your presentation went well since I’d guess it’s probably over long ago by now.

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