Problem rising

December 6, 2008

Didn’t do much today.

Got a call from my Japanese school that the next class would start on the next Saturday. So that means I would have to pay the RM320 tuition fees before or during the next Saturday.

Now that’s going to be a problem…

You see, while I have been and am fully relying on my parents for the funding of my Japanese education for the past 5 years or so, I am also about the have them help me pay for the RM200 (now RM230) trip to Cameron too. As irresponsible as I could usually be, even I can’t stand asking my parents to fork out RM500 in a single week just like that… not anymore I can’t. So from how things look, I do think I can’t go for the trip (no, I’m not going to skip 3 months of Jap for 3 days of Cameron, even a retard could do the math). So yeah. But I’ll refrain from calling the responsible person for now. I’m going to have my JLPT tomorrow and I don’t want her to be calling me on my phone while I’m in the middle of the exam, asking all sorts of questions at the worst of times. I’ll call her after that >_>

So yeah, I have my JLPT tomorrow. I haven’t really felt anything up till now until it just came to me that “tomorrow is the day”. Suddenly I’m gradually feeling more and more nervous by the passing hour. I suppose it’s best if I try not to thing about it too much…


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