JLPT level 2 & stuff

December 7, 2008

Had mine today.

I went with my friends to the examination place at around 11am, got lost on the way and arrived at around 12pm.

We had time until 2pm so we just spent most of the final minutes doing a final review on everything. Didn’t go too well though since I can’t get anything in my head due to nervousness and a headache.

The exam began at 3pm, starting with the vocabulary and kanji part. This one I screwed big time. Next was listening and the one after that was reading and grammar; both I’m confident that I did fairly well. I just hope it was good enough to cover up for what I lost in the first part >__>

The exam ended at around 6:25pm and I went for dinner with my friends at Sunway Pyramid next. I had this thing with a long name at Ajisen Ramen for dinner; whatever it was, it was don with tempura and lots of other random stuff.

Oh, suddenly then the other group of friends who were organising the trip to Cameron abruptly said they wanted to switch the transport from a bus to a van and it would cost everyone an extra RM30. That, of course, didn’t go down well with me. Oh, and also, one of my cousin suddenly decided to come over to my place this coming Wednesday (yep, Wednesday~ guess when I’m not going to be home~). Apparently, it was long decided but no one heard a thing about it till now, or at least, no one living in this house at least. That and remember what I mentioned in my entry yesterday? But when I told the organising friend of mine about that, she tells me she had already booked the places for everyone and she generously paid on everyone’s behalf beforehand… oh smart… =__=

I guess I’ll have to go after all…

Will I be able to enjoy this trip? I don’t know… I seriously don’t…


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